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Terms and Conditions

Luggage, belongings, and animals

  • For safety reasons, and for the comfort of passengers, we have to restrict the amount and type of luggage, including pushchairs and shopping trolleys, which you can take with you on our services. You may, at the discretion of the crew, take with you the following items, provided they do not obstruct access to safety and lifesaving equipment, gangways, stairs or passageways and are not put on seats:
    1. Personal luggage
    2. Pushchairs and buggies
    3. Prams
    4. Other items provided they are not deemed likely to injure anyone
  • For safety reasons, and for the comfort of passengers, only small hand luggage items are allowed aboard Angriya Sea Eagle Cruise vessels. At the discretion of staff, and entirely at your own risk, larger items may be left on shore for collection at the end of your journey.
  • Passenger are not allowed to carry alcohol in hand baggage and luggage from Goa or Mumbai
  • It is regretted, that for safety reasons, we are unable to carry on board animals of any kind.
  • We reserve the right to restrict the carriage of any luggage when there is a need for increased security and to refuse permission for you to take any item at all on to a vessel.
  • You may not take on board any hazardous or inflammatory substances.
  • Passengers is entitled to carry checked baggage with a weight of up to 20 kg.

Lost Property

  • We deal with lost property in accordance with our lost property procedures, which are available for inspection on request.
  • If you find any unattended property on our vessels or facilities, do not touch it but please alert a crew member immediately.
  • If we think unattended property may be a security threat, the police or security services may be called to attend and the item(s) may be destroyed.
  • We will not be responsible for any delay in returning property left on our vessels.
  • It is your responsibility to collect lost property. If you request that such property is sent to you and we agree to make such arrangements this is on the condition that you are responsible, in advance, for any costs incurred.

Health & Safety

  • For your own safety and the safety of others, you must follow instructions given by our crew when embarking/disembarking or on board any of our vessels. Instructions or advice contained in on-board safety notices should be followed.
  • For safety reasons you must not smoke (except in designated smoking areas) on our vessels or any facilities controlled or used by us.
  • Passengers should consider themselves to be sufficiently medically fit to undertake any journey for which they have a ticket. If there is any doubt potential passengers should seek medical advice before booking.


The Captain may refuse to carry any passengers, or direct any passenger to disembark, where the behaviour of that passenger is liable to cause nuisance or offence to the other passengers or put at risk the safety of the passenger, other passengers, crew or vessel.

Liability & Limitation

  • We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay to any persons or their possessions whilst embarking or disembarking from the vessel or during the voyage unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the crew on board the vessel.
  • Passengers are advised to limit valuables and property brought on board to that which they can safely carry. All personal property is the passenger’s responsibility and must be kept with them at all times.
  • We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever including loss of profit.
  • Our liability for death or personal injury or loss of or damage to luggage and valuables arising from our negligence shall be limited in accordance with its terms.
  • Angriya Sea Eagle Cruises cannot be held responsible for any cancellations or delays or other losses arising from weather conditions, tides, acts of God, strikes, terrorism, acts of third parties or other matters beyond the control of Angriya Sea Eagle Cruises.
  • We reserve the right, when necessary and without notice, to alter timetables or re-route vessels for reason of safety or to stop them visiting a pier. Although any such action will be exceptional, we do not guarantee to operate any services in accordance with published schedules, or at all.
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