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About Us

When magic
comes alive, at sea…

The waves sing, the breeze joins in and the sea spell takes over. Angriya, India's first domestic cruise liner is all set to enchant you with its mesmerising sights of the pristine Konkan Coast, unfolding its coral diversity and royal sea forts along the way! Today, we bring you a never-before joy that comes in a majestic vessel.

Welcome to a sea-facing experience from Mumbai to Goa and back! Angriya withholds a rich legacy of the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, popularly known as the Shivaji of the Indian Sea. Angriya is a treasure trove of many spell-binding experiences that will have you awestruck.

The starlit sky, the infinite blue pool, the captivating sunrise and sunsets; each has a story to tell in every moment on-board. Add to that a comfortable stay and an experienced team of marine and hospitality personnel, and you’re all set! So, when are you coming over to live the sea magic on-board Angriya?

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Know your ship better!

  • Luxurious 7-deck, 131-meter long passenger ship built in Japan.
  • A unique, first of its kind luxury cruise liner in India, Angriya is the first Class 4 RSPV (River Sea Passenger Vessel) registered under the DG Shipping of India.
  • Propelled by 2 powerful Pielstick 18PC 2-6 engines generating 27000 BHP, which can achieve a speed of 25 knots.
  • Built from experience, Angriya is the only vessel in India to be equipped with the best marine evacuation and emergency response systems.
  • A committed team of 25 marine personnel and 60 hospitality personnel work incessantly 24/7 to give you a delightful sailing experience.

Our Vision & Mission

Angriya stands a class apart from any other ship. What makes it unique is the remarkable philosophy that it is made with. It is a mix of legendary history, cultural pride, and innovative sustainability.


Our vision is to create awareness and appreciation for our rich marine life, cultural treasures, ancient forts, and breathtaking natural gifts that make the Indian Sea a wonder in itself. In this effort, we wish to set an example as an informative and sustainable model of a ship.


Our mission is to serve with passion, care, safety and delight all those onboard with unforgettable experiences. We aim to bring out the best of the sea by showcasing India’s marine waterways, ports, and people.

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At the Helm

Capt. Nitin Dhond

Captain Nitin Dhond is a veteran Indian merchant navy Captain and has been at sea for over four decades and in command for 25 years on tankers and very large gas carriers. An alumnus from the prestigious Naval academy T.S. Rajendra, Capt. Dhond is well known in the Indian mercantile marine circles as an affable sea farer with foresight, vast maritime experience and tremendous love for the seas.

His expertise in dry docking and re commissioning of LPG and VLGC vessels, training Indian sea men for hazardous LPG cargo operations and LPG ship to ship transfers is acknowledged across Indian seas and holds him in high stead.

A nature lover at heart, Capt Dhond is also promoter of the iconic Wildernest nature resort and Founder trustee of Mhadei Research Centre.

He has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Konkan Ratna’ award for his contribution to the sustainable development of the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

He is the soul behind the Angriya ship, a dream that he envisioned and shaped with an all Indian team of sea farers, technicians and hospitality professionals.

Our Coat of Arms

coat of arms
“Strength, agility, harmony, and wisdom
are the jewels we wear our pride in. Our
values and ethics define our course!”

Here’s a little about our Crest and Coat Of Arms which reflect our philosophy and pride. Inspired by the vast Indian Sea, its marine-richness and natural history, Angriya’s Coat of Arms is truly unique. The anchor and the shield signify invincible strength and stability. The fluttering flags depict the legacy of Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre who guarded this coast undefeated. The sea horses adorn the Coat Of Arms on the sides, signifying correct guidance and nurturing our thought processes.

The White Bellied Sea Eagle represents strength and agility that is endemic only to the Konkan Coast. The Indian Bottle Nosed Dolphin depicts harmony, the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle is acknowledged for its longevity and wisdom in the high seas. Along with this, the Coat Of Arms also raises awareness about India’s corals and is a symbol that urges people to seek conservation of these fragile ecosystems.

We are firmly rooted in our values of national pride, strength, and harmony. Our slogan originates in the rich Sanskrit language and the GhoshVakya says "नाना रत्ना वसुंधरा". It implies the fact that biodiversity is eternally beautiful and we must protect it. Angriya is not just any other luxurious cruise liner, it is much beyond that. It’s an ode to Maratha Naval Supremacy and Mother Nature!

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It's time to enjoy sea magic on-board India's first domestic cruise liner. Go ahead and book your rendezvous with the Indian sea, from Mumbai to Goa or the other way round. Angriya invites you to a sea experience of a lifetime!